Feb 22 – 28

Saturday: I finally bought a car! It’s a 2004 Toyota Corolla.

No more renting cars each week for me! Haha. It needs new tires though, but it is in good condition otherwise. I know I’ll miss my Electric Nissan LEAF that I drove around for 3 years (on a lease), but soon I’ll be able to save up an buy an electric car with cash. = )

Feb 15 – 21

Sat: I auditioned with my ‘family’. I thought it was funny that I was playing the part of a dad. I don’t have my own kids yet, but I’ve worked with kids a lot volunteering, babysitting, and at preschools.

We watched other families audition (which is unusual in itself) and a dad was able to effortlessly cover a line that was skipped by one of the kids. However, the exact situation happened to me and my family, and I didn’t step in. Whoops! Good ol’ lessons right.. they’ll make you stronger the next time. ;)

Feb 8 – 14

Fri- I worked on my lines for hours. I whispered them into the Rehearsal 2 app and played it while during my commute. – then the audition happened and I TOTALLY ended up using the board. Whoops! A bad habit I’d like to erase. I need more practice at home while reciting memorized text with that very tempting said text next to my eyeline.

Bonus was seeing my friend Sethward. He’s a great guy and I look forward to the show and tell later this month.