Year’s End

As this year comes to a close, I have reflected on how I want 2016 to be different.

I’d like to create some consistency in my social media and youtube videos. SmallTalk2015 was a great trial run for every month (I suspended it for the Nov/Dec months due to holidays). I’ll love having more things to share in the new year.

The biggest change, my lovely wife Jacqui and I will finally be living together in February! I’m excited to continue to work on our website and (eventually) our web series and having her help we will be able to put more art out there. = )

Here’s my past few months in a nutshell:

– 3 my UCB 101 performance. I’ll be taking 201 in 2016.
– 22 Back to the Future day. I had a few parties, and it was a great time to reconnect with people I hadn’t seen in a while. Jacqui and I will continue to have parties.
– 31 – SmallTalk2015 Halloween Special.

– 18 Worked on a sketch with Dan Braswell and Co. that will be unveiled in 2016.. It was great to see some old Monkeybutler friends again.
– 20 Jessica Jones release party. Another video party (although I forgot to take a group photo!). I find it super useful to watch shows with other industry friends because it is a great way to reconnect with others and keep current on what’s happening out there.

– 24-31 spent Christmas with my wife and her family in Australia.


Sep 20-26

T 22-two new releases:

New interview on SmallTalk2015, where I interview “Johnny Depp”. 

Guest star on the Lower the Bar podcast:

F 25 – finished the audiobook of Good in a Room. Great insights on what makes a good meeting. 

Sat 26

Aug 9 – 15

9 Sun – UCB class #2. I love learning slight variations of improv games I already know. We worked on spacework and now I have a show recommendation to see SOUNDTRACK.

12 W – Judd Apatow in Off Camera podcast says that back in Freaks and Geeks days he gave the advice to all the actors to “become a writer and make your own stuff” which several people did. This is all cementing all the hard work I’m doing with TRKS and SmallTalk.. and soon a short film and sketches.

13 Th – Four of my new headshots went ‘live’ on

14 Fri – I went to a murder mystery party and played “Ramsey Gordon” celebrity chef on the chef team. I tried not to yell too much.

15 Sat- Since I got back from Oz I’ve upgraded my computer RAM, ordered a fan, and bought a vertical mouse to avoid carpal tunnel issues. Finally my Custom mousepad arrived yesterday. Yes! Today I’m editing my kids show and preparing the next SmallTalk2015 episode.