Aug 9 – 15

9 Sun – UCB class #2. I love learning slight variations of improv games I already know. We worked on spacework and now I have a show recommendation to see SOUNDTRACK.

12 W – Judd Apatow in Off Camera podcast says that back in Freaks and Geeks days he gave the advice to all the actors to “become a writer and make your own stuff” which several people did. This is all cementing all the hard work I’m doing with TRKS and SmallTalk.. and soon a short film and sketches.

13 Th – Four of my new headshots went ‘live’ on

14 Fri – I went to a murder mystery party and played “Ramsey Gordon” celebrity chef on the chef team. I tried not to yell too much.

15 Sat- Since I got back from Oz I’ve upgraded my computer RAM, ordered a fan, and bought a vertical mouse to avoid carpal tunnel issues. Finally my Custom mousepad arrived yesterday. Yes! Today I’m editing my kids show and preparing the next SmallTalk2015 episode.